Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Decisions, Decisions...

Back to the "India" series. I've got the sketch for the "Princess" all ready to go but I'm a little torn when it comes to color. I'm a little drawn to the yellow to be honest. What do you think? Comment below!


puddle said...

Hey Jushtin.

While I like all of them, my eye is instantly drawn to the first two. The red one I think is my absolute favorite, but as it is a touch "cliche", the first one (yellow? It's very cream colored on my monitor) is stunning and I think would work beautifully.

The third one is pretty, but she reminds me of fruit... maybe I'm just hungry... The green just doesn't come off as regal enough to me.

Can't wait to see your film now!

Skyler Page said...

number 2 definitely reads the best