Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hey Friends and Followers!

I know I've been absent for a while, but I plan to pick things back up in a bit. I'm pretty busy this summer as I'm interning at Pixar Animation Studios and things around here tend to get pretty loaded on. But load or no load there's not really an excuse to let my blog keel over so I'll get some stuff up as soon as possible. Things at the studio are super great--the people, the work, the food and all that are just seriously blowing my mind and it's only been one week. The people up here are really hard workers and are preparing to stun the hell out of you so prepare yourselves, seriously. Anyway, stick around guys and thanks for being patient, like I promised, I'll get you somethin soon!

A Side Note to take place of a real post on a post deficient blog: The very adorable clip below is taken from my FAVORITE FILM, Faces by John Cassavetes. I feel like not too mnay people know of this film or they forget about it but it's highly recommended if you're really into character driven stories and just plain awesomeness. Netflix it or don't be cheap and support great film by buying it. Just invite me over to watch when you do.