Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Time To Make Choices

I'm about done with the story for my student film this year so it's almost time to start pumping out final boards. As exciting as it is to finally be moving on to the next step there is a problem...I HAVEN'T SETTLED ON FINAL DESIGNS.
After narrowing down my choices I've decided that either one of these girls appearance can support the personality of the character I've been developing. I like em both so I'm finding it a little hard having to choose between the two. What do YOU think?


Stevie Ray said...

heyy!!! Ah I can't believe so many people like it! Thanks for the kind words :D

You're at Calarts? I live 5 minutes from there near the mall off of mcbean .. ha but I go to school in Florida. How are you liking it? You're almost graduating too! I went to the calarts show last year and it was so awesome, did you work on any of those films? Anyway you have nice work! I'm looking forward to seeing your film! :D

Oh and I like the one on the left better :)

Tooninator said...

Great blog you've got here. Good luck with your film!

Jushy Wushy Wuzzuh Bear said...

@ Stevie
Yeah, I'm in my final year here at Calarts, I've had a really good time here--good people, creative environment. I had a "trailer" in the show last year for a work in progress, it's on my blog if you want to check it out. And like I said people really enjoy looking at your work here, you have such a good handle on color and light.

Jushy Wushy Wuzzuh Bear said...

Thanks Tooninator!
Your stuff is Awesome as well, I really like your most recent post.