Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer Visit!

A friend of mine named Brenda might be visiting me this summer, and I'm pretty excited about it. She asked that I draw her, so I was gonna do a simple caricature or something, but I thought doing a quick vignette would be a better choice. Hope you like it Brenda!


Derek Evanick said...

This drawing is super cute. Lucky girl.

I wanted you to know that I will totally come back and visit Calarts... but I was planning on doing that during the school year when people are actually around. That ok with you?

Team Diana said...

Wait, the comment above is from me. I didn't realize Derek's account was signed in on MY computer.

So *I*, me, Team Diana, will be the one visiting you at school next year. But I might bring him along too.

Ty Carter said...

Jushtin Man- Awesome blog! Look forward to your next post!!

Jushtin Lee said...

Tyler! Whatsup, man Thanks!