Sunday, October 26, 2008

It's about that Time Again

Every year here at school the students are encouraged to complete a student film. I did one last year which was a pretty cool experience filled with a lot of work production and lack of sleep. That second part doesn't sound too great at all, but it was part of the magic required to complete the daunting task of making a student film. And I'm gonna do it again! Here are a few thumbnail layouts and film art for this year.


Cindey said...

yeahhh! jushtin has a blog! Except why must you purposely misspell my name. sniff sniff.

you didn't end up doing the one with a bunch of people for the cd cover? i liked that one.

your film art is looking cool. :)

Jushtin Lee said...

Thanks CINDEY! Yeah, I gets lot done over on this lonely end of the cubes.

Jenessa said...

Yayyy! Look at Jushtin's blog!

I am very jealous of your film work.
But it is impressive!

Jennifer Harlow said...

Woah Jushtin got a blog! YAY! Welcome and cool looking development art for your film!